My work

Below are some of the websites I have created in last couple of years. Apart from this I have also created video tutorials on ASP.NET, jQuery, ASP.NET AJAX, HTML, CSS,  JavaScript and many more are in process.

DotNetFunda.Com is a popular online tutorials and guide for latest Microsoft® technologies aimed for beginners and intermediate level professionals. We help beginners to become intermediate level professionals and help intermediate level professionals to become an expert. By following our different sections regularly, we hope you will soon become one of the 'Most Valuable' professional and start shining in your career.


ITFunda.Com is an e-commerce website that furnishes a platform to the interested buyer and seller to interact and transact for the software or software related services. We typically host study materials, software products / services for selling.


Learn .NET technologies through videos, source code and ebooks. Hundreds of .NET tips and tricks with best practices.

Stay tuned for latest update.