Monday, June 15, 2015

Launched - A How to tutorials website

On 8th birth day of my daughter Sindhuja Narayan, I launched another website

This website is a How to tutorials website for technologies and all that people are looking for answer to.

Interview with Alibaba CEO

Do not worry, any mistake is a wonderful revenue for you.

  1. Before 20 years be a good student, learn some experience
  2. Before 30 years old, follow some body. Join small company where you learn a lot of things at the same time, you learn dream, you learn a passion. In big company you are a small part of a big machine where you will learn only process.
  3. 30-40 years old, work for yourself
  4. 40-50 years old - do what you good at
  5. 50-60 years old - work for the young people, motivate them, invest on them
  6. 60- ... - Spend time for yourself, Sleep and enjoy
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The biggest regret in my life is

  1. I regret I should not meet media
  2. I regret I should not speak in public
  3. I regret I spent less time with family
  4. If I would have another life, I would not have done what I have done in this life. Life is so short and its all bad experience.
  5. Do not regret, whatever life is remaining enjoy the life enjoy the show.