Monday, November 21, 2011

Alternate of high intensity vehicle horn - proposal to horn manufacturer

WIthout writing too much of Intro, I am directly coming to the point.

Many a times I feel the vehicle horn too much irritating and sometimes its intensity is too much that it hits the brain and ears badly.

I have thought of an alternate of this traditional horn and I am going to propose this to the vehicle horn designers

Generally, when horn is sound from a vehicle, it is for the vehicle that is in front of us or for those vehicles who are around the vehicle who is sounding horn. But this horn is audible not only to those vehicles who are ahead of us but also to our left-right people residing nearby houses, working in the companies, or inside the vehicle that is several meters ahead and behind us.

All this creates sound polution, disturbance in day to day life of people nearby road side and people on the road.

Proposed solution
The vehicle manufacturer can develop a sensing machine that will be set on a certain frequency. The same sensing machine can be installed on all vehicle. When one vehicle is sounding horn, that will send a singal to all nearby vehicles (all vehicles within its range, say 30-50 feet). This sensing machine can be installed in front of Driver with a blinking light and slow horn (beep sound). When it will receive the signal, the light starts blinking and start making beep song so that driver knows that some vehicle is behind him that need some attention.

In this way, we will be able to avoid a lot of sound polution and disturbance to people around.

Above was a vague idea quickly put together of how an alternate can be designed to avoid high intensity vehicle horn.

If anyone is interested, I am available to discuss the complete thought process behind this proposal. Please contact me at +91-77025-60638 or email me at SheoNarayan{ at]

Sheo Narayan


Tripati Patro said...

I don't have any solution at this moment but really appreciating you for finding time to provide a solution.

The solution is fine, but still there are many problems with your approach:
1) What will happen to 2 wheels, cycle riders.
2) What will happen to walkers, blind people.
3) In the night time horn plays a major role in highways.
4) Every time the driver need to check the light and slow beep sound, which distracts from driving.
5) So many many vehicles are already on road, how the new feature will be implemented.

Sheo Narayan said...

Hi Tripati,

Below are my response to your points.

1. If passenger can hear the mobile ring tone while riding bike, they would be able to hear this beep sound as well. However I have better solution for this also.

2. Walker anyway have a separate walkway, they do not walk over the black road.

3. In night time horn are not recommended but deepers are used, if someone use horns very frequently in night, it is not good.

4. They do not need to focus on whether horn is beeping or not. In this case even the outside high intensity horn is also distractinng. It looks distracting but when this will be part of the system, it is not.

5. All vehicles will need to follow this. This can be implemented as a mandatory policy, the way we have number plate, polution check etc.

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