Sunday, August 09, 2009

Nothing is free - everything needs to be paid

Just a thought randomly came in my mind once when I had some time to think and tried to understand a quote that every one knows "Nothing is free, everything needs to be paid". This might be of no value for others but decided to express this whatever I thought here - in my blog.

I tried to see my surroundings of whatever we do, wherever we live - be it be in home, office, family, whatever we have till now, whatever we are going to get in future; everything is paid and everything needs to be paid.

This statement is true when you are in office: To maintain a good relationship with your collegue/friends, you need to invest good time with them, you need to understand them and act accordingly.

This statement is true when you are in family: To maintain a peaceful and growing family environment in your home, you need to invest good time with your family member, you need to understand their need and act accordingly.

See whatever you have till now around you and you will know hardly anything has come for free. Either your educational certificates, the belongings in your home, the gift you have got from someone (that is also paid in other form - if you wouldn't have maintained a good relationship with your collegue/friends you wouldn't have received them), everything!

Expecting something to be free is the root cause of the problem and lead to dissatisfaction, anaxity, greed and ultimately throw a person in wrong direction.