Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some of my thought that was laying on my earlier website

Some of my thought that was written about 4-5 years ago that was laying on my earlier website ( Few days before I felt I need to revisit this website and see what I used to think earlier and what I think now. Amazingly its almost same !

  • You can achieve anything by doing hard work, but to use that thing, there must be the God grace and then it's called success. - 06th July 2006

  • Life is a mission, keep your eyes on target.

  • Limit your expectations, Break your dream, Live in reality.

  • Please read as Hindi "Mithi-Mithi bato se aap kisi ka man jit sakte hain dil aur dimag nahi, Man to phir bhi pariwartansil hote hai"

  • What is the benefit? if you get temporary benefit.

  • Your external behaviour shows your internal thought.

  • Dreaming is not enough to get success, you will have to chase it in reality.

  • One should do ones' work perfectly without seeing how others' are doing.

  • Make a single goal and invest your full potential in achieving it.

  • Please read as Hindi "Sapne dekhne me mehnat ki koi bhumika nahi hoti, lekin us sapne ko sakar karne me mehnat ki mahatwapurna bhumika hoti hai"

  • Controlling and concentrating of mood is the key of success.

  • Use your good time & good opportunity to do good work.

  • Love is a net, once you went into can never be out from it. (Sorry from those who blindly believe in love)

  • One can be made mad just for time being, not for forever.

Note: If some of my thoughts resembles other's, please take it as an co-incidence.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I’m asked, how did you learn what you know ?

Today I read "I’m asked, how did you learn what you know ?" from Joe Stagner and this inspired me a lot. This is a great inspirational post for everyone, Some of the points are applicable for all whether they are into Software field or not.

A must read for everyone, Please read

Thanks to Joe for sharing these his tips for better career and better life.