Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson died in debt

Heard the news that Michael Jackson died, despite I am not too much involved in music stuff I feel its a great loss for Pop world as a lot of people says.

It was unfortunate I should say that just before 2 days of his death I heard that Michael Jackson is going to perform in O2 Arena in London in July. I was staying beside 02 Arena when I was in London few days before.

One real pain that forced me to write this blog is this news
A pop start like him whose music album has broken all records of sell in the history died in debt.
This news is something that teach us some lessons.

My condolence to Michael Jackson and his family.

Monday, June 15, 2009

In York, London, England

Is in York, about 2 hours from London city. York is very historic and beautiful city, though it is very small I enjoyed it. I could visit its most of the placce in a single day in few hours. Its amazing experience. I guess its one the beautiful place I visited in the rececnt past. I enjoyed the snow for the first time in my life in York, Thanks York :) for that. It was unforgettable experience.

Also got chance to visit Greenwich in London (GMT), it was a too chil that day and enjoyed the snow. It was amazing experience seeing the clock that was desiged several years back and how they struggled to invent time and right type of clock.
Yes, this is Buckingham Palace, a huge, historic, beautiful and well maintained palace.
Thanks for reading. Enjoy.

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Few days back my interview has got published in Indian Startup Arena (Though it was given several months back but have been published recently).

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Finally bought a new flat in Hyderabad

After a great patience and hassle, finally bought a new flat in Hyderabad. It was a mixed experience for me and happened in just a few days.

I wanted to thank to the Bank Manager of State Bank of Indore, Miyapur (Mr. Gautam) for arranging loan in just 2-3 days and guiding me in the process of buying the flat as I had to fly to UK just after few days of submitting the documents.

Due to many works going in parallel these days I am not able to give time to my website but planning to start writing article when I will be in India.