Monday, March 09, 2009

Success of companies in the time of difficulties

Had sometime to think about this time of difficulties when everyone is not feeling comfortable. I think the key of companies to be in growing stage even in this difficult time is to focus on the existing client more than trying to get new clients in house.

Now a days whenever any clients get a feeling that his vendor is not doing proper justice to his investment, they making quick decision and removing the resources. In this difficult time when labor is cheap and easily available one has to be always very careful while dealing with any kind of work from the client and try to give 100% not even 99%.

I believe this is one of the way to retain the business with the current client. If one has enough time on top of this, of course there are opportunities outside to grab.

After listening few interviews I also get a feeling that going ahead and talking with client in simplicity is better than throwing high funda background about the company and standards. In this difficult time, companies are willing to invest only for the essential things not on the additional things. So while talking with new prospect one should see the essential requirement of the client and talk in sync with them. Saying this, I feel that small to middle size companies have better opportunities to get clients than big companies as they spend a lot of money in maintaining the standards and other stuffs that are not so important for many clients these days.

So keep it simple and as one of our collegue, Vijay says " a bird in hand is worth of 2 in bush ".