Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Priceless Quote from NR Narayana Murthy

I came across a precious interview from Narayan Murthy, please have a look at it (

Complete article is precious, however there are priceless words that touched me are below.

That’s why at Infosys we say at 9:00 am when every one of our people is working the marketcap maybe whatever it is, 15-16 in these tough days, but at 6:15 or 7:00 pm when the last of us has gone or maybe 9:00 pm when the last of us has gone home the marketcap is zero. I think that is the fundamental instrument that every corporation must believe in. That’s the power of the mind; the power of the happy, enthusiastic, energetic, satisfied, aspirational mind. The moment you create that rest is all simple.    

Secondly, we hired pretty smart sales people in the industry and that’s why you will notice that we have anywhere from 500-600 basis point of higher operating margin than any of our competitors because we tell them that if the customer thinks that USD 100 is the price – your smartness is to sell it for USD 105 and give the customer USD 110 worth of value. Don’t cheat him, but sell it at USD 105 and provide value of USD 110. That is what we have focused on a lot.

Thirdly, there is tremendous cost consciousness in the company. We are not judged by how opulent our rooms are – we are not judged by whether we travel in this class or that class. So right from the beginning we focused on that. When you focus on middleclass values, when you focus on analytics – it is easy to have a lot of cash in the bank.


When a leader has this kind of thought from the beginning who can stop his company to progress? I salute you respected Narayan Murthy.




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Utsav said...

sir, i m from nepal and i likes ur asp tutorials very much. i started my coding from ur articles and now i m feeling that i m a better coder.

Sheo Narayan said...

Thanks, I am happy that you have learnt coding and you are a better coder now.

Its my pleasure that some of my article helped you.

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