Sunday, October 19, 2008

My new blog address

My new blog address is on the cool domain - I noticed that moving blog address from domain to any custom domain makes a lot of difference for users as well as search engines.

It's all about dream - Part 1

I remember our ex-president Abdul Kalam always used to tell about dream and what role this can play in one's life. I am a dreamy person from the beginning of my life. When I was young in Xth class, I used to dream about my career as an engineer, because of some financial reason at that time, I could n't do this. Then started dreaming about Chartered accountant career but after one year I again failed to achieve that because of lack of support. Then started dreaming about a nice govt. job but again due to some obstacles in my family couldn't get that; again started thinking about a business but because of lack of financial support I failed there also.

How did I come into software sector?

When I was in my native place, heard about LCC (a computer institute) and asked my mom if I can get admission, she fully me supported and fortunately I got admission. At that time I was a full time tutor. I used to teach about 60-70 students of 10th and 12th class a day and used to earn enough money to run myself. Later on I was the best student in that institute and got winner of the year 1998 award and ultimately got selected in campus as "Senior Faculty cum Center Manager". Because of family responsibility I was not moving from my home twon Aurangabad, Bihar but once that got over, I moved to Ranchi, Jharkhand and was earning almost half of money I used to earn in my native place but because I had decided to move so just did. Ranchi, a place of struggle for me - financially, perosally, family everywhere. One day when I was in Ranchi, my landlord's sun came from his school and told me Bhaiya, I will show you something great in your computer, I asked what?

He just opened Ms-Word, wrote a line and selected Marque saved as html and opened in the browser. I was amazed to see that the text he had written was moving horizontally. I was so impressed with that because I remember when I was learning computer, I used to show my tutor Ajay sir a lot of animation using C++ and he use to get impress with my programming skills. But to do that I used to do a lot of home work and a lot of code then used to go to institute and program but here, he just wrote the sentence selected marquee and done :), its cool !!! without any effort. I started dreaming about this and whenever I used to get sometime I used play with this, I used dream in night how and what type of style i can create with this, I used to wakeup in the night started designing pages in Ms Word (Even I didn't know that there is a Front Page software I could have used to develop these things).

Slowly, I started taking interest in learning designing pages but I used to do with Ms Word as I didn't know HTML, one day I found that I can see the actual source of the page too (LOL, I was totally new to IE and Internet world) and slowly started seeing which is doing what and started doing R&D. At that time Internet was very costly and very few people had access to it. I was working in computer but not that was not like web development work. One day I saw a opening in paper for a web site administrator for Just without thinking anything I submitted my resume and was sure I am not going to select. A lot of people had submitted and appeared for the interview but I don't know what he (respected D.Nath sir) saw in me, he rejected all of them and selected me. I was interviewed by his sons (from USA) and finally got a job where there was Internet and real job in developing web pages. The salary was almost 3 times more than what I used to get in my last job :)

I started learning html the slowly asp. Ranchi was a small place so hardly people knew about these things. I struggled a lot in learning these things, used to spend a lot of time just drawing a html table in the way I wanted to draw; connecting to Ms Access database.

Continue in next post - whenever get time :)