Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dynamically writing Meta tags on Master page from a User Control or any other class file

While developing web sites, you must have came across situations where you need to write Meta tags from the user control or any class files.

At first look it seems very difficult but I think it is not that much.

In My example I am writing Meta contents of my page from a utility class file.

Lets say my following method is in utility.cs file
// method that will write meta tags for keyword and description.

public static void WriteMetaTags(Control ctrl, string keyword, string desc)

Page pge = (Page)ctrl;

HtmlMeta mKey = new HtmlMeta();
mKey.Name = "keyword";
mKey.Content = key;

HtmlMeta mDesc = new HtmlMeta();
mDesc.Name = "description";
mDesc.Content = desc;

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